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50 Years of Hair

50 Years of Hair: Part 3

January 16, 2019 0 Comments 50 Years of Hair Views By January 18th, 2019

The ’90s. A time of influence from the royals and the butterfly barrettes. Let’s take a look at these great throwback looks and reminisce on the amazing change that hair and styling have taken over the years.

1990: (Women) Regal Short Cut
Ever the trendsetter, Princess Diana influenced women of the world to go short with her famous crop created by Sam McKnight. 

1990 Regal Short Cut

1990 Regal Short Cut

1990: (Men) Long Curly Hair
Free at last, men loved to show of their own luscious curly locks!

1990 Long Curly Hair

1991: (Women) Updo
Glam supermodels including Cindy Crawford popularized over-the-top updos with face-framing pieces.

1991 Updo
1991: (Men) Short bangs
With the short length and short bangs in the front, this look surely was well sought after for its ease of styling.

1991 Short Bangs
1992: (Women) Straight, straight!
Naomi Campbell could simply be the influencer for this throwback to the early 90’s with this super straight hair look.

1992 Straight Hair
1992: (Men) Flat Top
By letting the top grow longer, and cutting the hair on the sides, this look can be achieved easily. Simply flatten the top of the hair out, and this new take on the afro can be yours, too!

1992 Flat Top
1993: (Women) Box Braids
Janet Jackson, in her starring role in ‘93s Poetic Justice, had women inspired to wear their hair in long box braids.

1993 Box Braids
1993: (Men) Cornrows
While this style came in earlier for the women, it wasn’t until the ‘90s that cornrows truly took off for the men. By braiding the hair and styling it with cornrows, men of the ‘90s were stylish.

1993 Cornrows
1994: (Women) FRIENDly hair
By now, we likely have all seen or heard of Friends and it’s a well known fact that this hairstyle, that launched women all over to get “The Rachel,” was not well loved by Jennifer Aniston.

1994 Jennifer Aniston
1994: (Men) Spiky hair
Apply that gel and watch as the spikes begin to form!

1994 Spiky Hair
1995: (Women) Side part with clips
Clipping your hair to side with a clip combo was all the rage for those in ’95 and of course, Drew Barrymore.

1995 Side part with clips
1995: (Men) Parted hair
Parting the hair on the side, or in the middle, and use a little bit of product to help hold your hair in place. Perfect for both long and short hair.

1995 Parted Hair
1996: (Women) Streaks
Leave it to the Spice Girls — especially daring member Geri Halliwell, a.k.a. Ginger Spice — to lead millions of girls to beg their moms and dads to let them get streaks in their hair of bright red, orange, pink, and other colors.

1996 Spice Girls
1996: (Men) Suave
By using gel and brushing the hair up half of the hair length and letting the other half fall down, this look was the suave look men desired.

1996 Suave Hair
1997: (Women) Spiky pixie cut
The ’90s saw a chic, edgy style of pixie come into focus after Winona Ryder debuted her cool look in 1997.

1997 Spiky Pixie Cut
1997: (Men) The bowl cut
The helmet cut or the mushroom cut- whatever you call it, this cut followed a straight line around the whole head and gave the appeal of a “bowl” placed on top of the head.

1997 Bowl Cut
1998: (Women) Pigtails
Two words, one name: Britney Spears.

1998 Britney Spears
1998: (Men) Waves
By specific brushing techniques, the waves are formed. To this day, the waves can still be seen on the heads of many men around the world.

1998 Waves

1999: (Women) Butterfly Flyover
The butterfly clip trend has ’90s written all over it! Here, Gwen Stefani used one to pin back her bangs.

1999 Gwen Stefani
1999: (Men) Dreadhawk
A combination of both the Mohawk and dreadlocks, this look is achieved by shaving the hair on the sides of the head and keeping the remaining hair styled as dreadlocks and forming them in the middle of the head.

1999 Dreadhawk

Phew! Now, if that’s not a whole lot of change in one decade, then I don’t know what is… besides what the 2000’s has in store. Stay tuned as we enter our modern-day looks and see how since 2000, the looks, cuts, styles, and color have changed drastically.

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