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Cosmetology Program Overview

  • 1,500 hours in total
  • Four levels include Skill, Design, Style, and Master
  • Students receive customized tool kits that include tablets for online learning and an exclusive American Crew kit for their use throughout cosmetology school

Skill Level

Day = 9 weeks long
Night = 12 weeks long

In this beginner level of the cosmetology program, you will get a taste of all aspects of the beauty industry including hair, skin and nails. In addition to hands-on practice, you will also spend time in the classroom learning theory. Instructors will also give you an intro to life skills and ProsperU business development.

Design Level

Day = 9 weeks long
Night = 12 weeks long

Design level is where we concentrate on teaching you all aspects of cutting and coloring. During this portion of our cosmetology program, your time will be divided between the classroom and our student salon, putting into action what you will have learned up to this point. Your ProsperU training continues with a focus on "The Key Drivers to Success."

Style Level

Day = 21 weeks long
Night = 32 weeks long

Along with continuing your theory and classroom training, you will spend the majority of your time during Style Level honing your technical skills in our student salon. You will also continue your career success training using our ProsperU model.

Master Level

Day = 11 weeks long
Night = 19 weeks long

You will continue mastering your cosmetology skills in addition to focusing on career readiness. We will assist you with every aspect of job planning including resume writing, portfolio building and salon training. We will also prep you for your state board examination.