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Archives of #Makeup

Product Knowledge: Keep or Toss

To keep or toss… that is the question! Let’s be honest, we usually look at expiration dates on our food and don’t tend to eat/drink anything past those dates (give or take a few days). But when was the last time you looked at your beauty products and made sure to get your money’s worth […]
BOSS Comp 2019 pictures

What are estheticians?

Let’s be honest, we’ve heard the terms “cosmetologists” and “estheticians.” But, what is the world are estheticians? Esthetics (the program) is closely related to cosmetology. However, with a license in esthetics, you have different privileges and abilities than a cosmetologist. So what is the difference? Cosmetology and esthetics really and truly are very similar. Both […]

2018 Boss Competition Winners

Our annual BOSS (Best of Shuler Schools) Competition was a complete success! Congratulations to all of the winners from our 2018 BOSS Competition that was held on May 1st at the KS-Corporate Office! We especially want to congratulate our Florence campus for taking home the cosmetology BOSS trophy and our Rock Hill school for winning the […]