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What To Expect With Distance Learning

Welcome To Distance Learning!

On March 21, 2020, Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology was approved to offer distance education for our current students, at all campuses, who have been affected by the COVID-19 declaration of emergency by our Governor.  Please consult this page to learn what is expected and how the program will work.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will we be starting the curriculum?
It is our intent to begin classes on Tuesday, March 24th. We will be working on making sure everything is in place with the Distance Education Portion on Monday. This may be subject to change if there are technical difficulties. You will be updated via the Student App to keep you informed.
Will this be distance education or online education?
There are definitive differences between distance and online education. Your education will be a blend; it will be a balance between class time with your educator through video conferences and periods for you to work on projects under supervision.

Our accreditor has outlined clear guidelines that the curriculum must be delivered for the school to award hours and credits towards graduation.
Are we closed to the public?
We are closed to the public. We have Administrative Staff who are volunteering to work at the campus at various times.
What do I have to do to enroll in this Distance Learning Program?
If you have answered YES to the previous survey sent out by your School Director regarding: Do you have internet access? Do you have access to your MindTap? Do you have access to your iPad or a computer? Can you commit to a 20 hour a week temporary distance education plan?......Then you will be contacted directly by us.

We will have all students, who want to participate, to electronically sign an addendum that will be sent to your email. Signing the addendum means that you agree to the Temporary Distance Education schedule of 20 hours a week.

Those who don't wish to participate must contact their School Director.
What will distance education look and feel like?
It’s going to be different. You most likely enrolled because you are a very ‘hands on’ learner. This will be an adjustment from the way you typically learn.

We ask you to be patient, positive and flexible with yourself, with us and with one another. Remember...this is TEMPORARY!

In full disclosure, it’s important to be realistic and acknowledge there will be hiccups, but we will figure it out together. The way we teach will evolve, so what this looks like the first few weeks may look very different at the end of this journey. 

Your School Director will be available to you, via several methods, if you have any questions or concerns.
What are the technical requirements to participate?
  • Internet access
  • Your MindTap account
  • Your iPad, a laptop, a chromebook, or other approved tablet 
  • Zoom App (Free to download)
Will you be taking attendance? How will I clock in?
In the beginning, MindTap allowed us to monitor all student time while they are actively participating in activities that are explained on our Distance Education web page which shows the daily assignments.  We have since transitioned into using Zoom Webinars.  Students must sign into the Zoom Webinar, during their specific time, to both receive their education and complete their assignments.  Zoom Webinars allow for the school to monitor student hours and have live chats with Instructors through synchronous learning.  
How do I prepare for class?
• Establish daily routines for engaging in the learning experiences
• Identify a comfortable, quiet space in your home where you can work effectively and successfully
• Commit to your daily schedule
• Complete assignments with integrity and academic honesty, doing your best work
• Do your best to meet timelines, commitments, and due dates
• Collaborate and support your peers in their learning
What if I don't have internet access?
You will need internet access to participate. If you do not have internet access, please contact your School Director.

You may be able to contact your local internet service provider to see if you may qualify for short term internet accessibility at a free or lowered cost.  You can also check with your mobile phone company to use your smart phone as a aware that this should ONLY be done if you have unlimited data!!!
If I don't have my iPad or computer, can I use my smartphone?
It’s best to utilize your iPad, laptop or computer. However, you may utilize your smart phone to log into the Zoom Webinar and utilize your iPad for completion of required activities.
I'm about to graduate and have finished my theory. Will I be able to participate in Distance Education?
There are several factors in allowing a student to participate in the Temporary Distance Education (TDE). Remember that we are all hoping that this is temporary and we will be able to get back to normal soon!

• If you have finished all of your theory and practical examinations, to include mock boards and final, where you only need to complete your hours….then YOU CAN PARTICIPATE in TDE and therefore graduate.

• If you have not finished all of your theory and practical examinations, to include mock boards and final, then you will be stopped from participating in TDE at 50 hours short of completion of the program. This will ensure enough time to complete Mock Boards, and any missing practicals prior to completion of the program, upon returning to the school.  We want to make sure that you are prepared for the licensing examination upon graduation.
What if I don’t want to participate and would rather just to wait to come back to school?
Please reach out to your School Director if you would like to consider this option.
What if I am a Veteran student? I heard online education may affect my funding, is that correct?
We are still getting clarification with the Veteran Administration on options for Veteran students.

The VA has made several announcements and are continuing to make changes and accommodations to regulations and requirements during the pandemic.

Please route all emails regarding your VA Benefits to: 
Will we keep our schedule?
Your education will be conducted through MindTap and Zoom Webinars. This means that your time will only be counted while you are on the Zoom Webinar and completing assignments in MindTap.

Every student participating in the Temporary Distance Education will be placed on a 20 hour a week schedule.

There will be two different time frames (broken down into 2 four hour sessions plus one make up hour) that you would be able to log in on the Zoom Webinar in order to be counted present, to receive your time, and complete the required assignments in MindTap. The morning sessions and the night sessions would be the same topics. These time frames will be as follows:

Session 1 - 9 am – 2 pm
Session 2 - 5 pm – 10 pm
What about the practical education we are missing?
At the time of starting Distance Education, the Board of Cosmetology only allowed theory education to be taught.  It is our intent to focus primarily on practical education upon your return to campus.
Is there Make up Time?
If you have missed time for the previous day, you may go back and make up that time the next day.  However, you may only make up that time during a specified Session time frame.
Are we going to be charged overtime while on Temporary Distance Education?
No, students who are over the contracted graduation date will not be charged overtime while participating in Temporary Distance Education.
What if I'm currently on an LOA?
If you are on an LOA, then you are scheduled to return on a specific date.  Please contact your School Director a few days prior to the date you are to return to find out if you are eligible for Temporary Distance Education or whether you need to extend your LOA.
What about PCS and testing?
At this time, PCS will not be testing for the practical examination for the rest of March and April.  As we continue to learn more, we will share that information.

Please understand that since examinations were cancelled, this may create a backlog of students who need to take the examination which may ultimately affect how long it will take for you to go to test.
How is this going to affect my graduation date?
It is our goal to not to affect your graduation date as much as possible.  However, due to having to close the schools, this will ultimately affect your graduation date.  We have been working diligently to get approval for distance education to lessen the time frame to your graduation.  Unfortunately, we cannot predict how long this pandemic will affect our schools, our communities, and our families.  We will continue to make improvements in our distance education offerings, to include time frames and practical education, to attempt to get everyone back on a normal schedule.  However, all of this may be dependent on what is required by DHEC and the Board of Cosmetology.
Can I be eligible for Distance Education later?
If you were on a LOA because of lack of internet access or did not want to participate in distance education at that time, then yes you may be eligible for Distance Education.  Please contact your School Director to share your interest.
What about points for our red aprons?
Unfortunately, our red apron program was designed for you to earn points while practicing on the student salon/spa.  Due to the closure of the student salon/spa, we have to suspend the red apron program at this time.
What if I already had that chapter?
You may find that you have already had this chapter in the past.  The Education Department has identified those key chapters to cover during distance education.  Due to the fact that we can only offer distance education versus online education, we cannot customize every student's learning experience to their specific needs at this time.  It is our intent to offer more topics per session which would help to become more specialized in our offerings.
How often will my student app be updated?
Your hours will be added into Freedom as quickly as possible.  They will then show up on your app.
Do I have to Clock In and Out?
By logging into the Zoom Webinar during your session, you've essentially clocked in.  When you leave the Zoom Webinar at the end of your session, you will be clocked out.  Zoom keeps up with your time as long as you are actively engaged.