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2017 BOSS Competition Winners

May 3, 2017 0 Comments Uncategorized Views By September 19th, 2017

Congratulations to all of the winners from our 2017 BOSS (Best of Shuler Schools) Competition that was held on May 2nd at the KS-Corporate Office!

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We especially want to congratulate our Rock Hill campus for taking home the cosmetology BOSS trophy and our Goose Creek school for winning the esthetics BOSS trophy.

Here are the rest of our winners:

Male Hairshaping     

RH – Jessica Spradley  1ST

GVL – Ariel Sanford  2ND

SARD – Amber Hartley  3RD


FLO – Jessica Nixon  1ST

RH – Jessica Spradley  2ND

GC – Katherine Harper  3RD

Female Hairshaping 

RH – Jessica Spradley  1ST

GVL – Amanda Hendricks  2ND

NA – Kayla Walker  3RD

Bridal Up-Do

SPT – Bradleigh Burgess  1ST

FLO – Ashley Leschinski  2ND

SARD – Kirsten Raynor  3RD

Avant Garde  

SPT – Ashton Kinney  1ST

FLO – Danielle Mack  2ND

SARD – Trecia Halloway  3RD

Evening Make-Up     

FLO – Leah Brody  1ST

GFRD – Whitney Williams  2ND

GC – Ashley Moreno  3RD

FX Make-Up 

SPT – Sierra Holloway  1ST

GC – Angel Jones  2ND

GFRD – Whitney Williams  3RD

Editorial Make-Up    

GFRD – Effy Francis  1ST

GC – Jamilia Huger  2ND

FLO – Angela Lucky  3RD


GC – Patricia Wiggle, Nikki Lindsley, Brittany Rumble, Julie Roberts  1ST

SARD – Terrance Tindal, Dani Neighbors, Kishon Ervin, Lawarence Hall  2ND

GVL – Lexi Perdomo, Marissa McBride, Courtney Williams, Brittany Craig  3RD

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