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You’ve been doing it your whole life: washing your hair. It started out when you were young and your mom would yell to you, “BATH TIME.” You’d run around screaming back, “NO,” and causing your momma to have a conniption. But, nevertheless, you always somehow managed to end up back in the tub, scrubbing the day away from your body and hair.

But the question, are you really washing your hair the right way (like a pro) to be sure that you’re maintaining a healthy head of locks?




STEP 1: Brush thoroughly before you wash your hair

  • To get the most of out of your shampoo and conditioner, it’s best to be sure that your hair has been thoroughly brushed. Depending on the type of hair you have, you can do this with a paddle brush OR wide-tooth comb before stepping into the shower.
  • Be sure to detangle any stubborn knots by spritzing them directly with a leave-in conditioner (we suggest One-United). This will help to avoid breakage and stimulate the scapulas before washing.


  • First and foremost, be sure your hair is fully soaked before you apply your shampoo. Using lukewarm water and gently soaking your hair will be sure to help open the pores on your scalp and helps to fully cleans when you wash.
  • Focus your shampoo on your scalp and conditioner only at the ends of your hair.
  • If you’re a daily washer, be sure you’re using the right amount of product for your hair. Try not to overload and use a teaspoon of shampoo and conditioner to not over-sud your hair.
    • You can ALWAYS follow up with more conditioner or a mask if you feel your hair is needing more moisture
  • If you’re the hair type that does better tasing every few days, consider shampooing your hair TWICE before reaching for the conditioner.
    • You want to be sure that your scalp and hair are as clean as possible. Washing the first time helps to remove dirt and grime that’s latched onto your hair and washing it the second time gives your hair the deep clean it truly needs.


  • Massaging your scalp gently in circular motions using your fingertips and a clarifying shampoo (like Clean Maniac) help to get rid of build up a whole lot easier without damaging your scalp.
    • Think of how your stylist shampoos your hair and try to mimic the same motion and process on yourself.
    • *TIP: Using scalp massages is not only super relaxing (bye bye stress) but it’s also ideal for helping with stimulating hair growth!
  • Try massaging your scalp starting at the front of your head and working your way back. Gently massage your temples in a small circular motion and work your way back using the same circular motions to help with the cleansing and relaxing notion you’ve created.


  • When you rinse your hair, it’s important to be sure that you’ve removed all shampoo and conditioner from your hair so that you’re not causing build-up post-shower.
  • Don’t use HOT water when rinsing your hair. You hear all the time about being careful using hot tools on your hair, but you may not have thought about the hot water you’re putting on your when showering. The heat from the water can dull your hair while rinsing with cold water can help to close the pores of your scalp which maintains the moisture from your conditioner making your hair look shiny.


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