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Restaurant Employee Appreciation Month

RESTAURANT EMPLOYEES: They work endlessly to feed you on those nights you just don’t feel like cooking- so let’s be sure to show them our appreciation! #appreciationmonth #restaurantemployees #kennethshuler #pickwisely #pickshuler
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Delivery Service Personnel Appreciation Month!

You worked so hard delivering all of the presents… now it’s time for us to appreciate you even more! Delivery service personnel, this month is yours! Enjoy 20% off services and products with ID!   #kennethshuler #pickwisely #pickshuler #januaryappreciationmonth
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Retail Employee Appreciation Month

We understand that December is a crazy, busy, hectic month- especially in the world of retail! That’s why for the month of December. we’d like to give 20% off services and products to RETAIL EMPLOYEES! #december #kennethshuler #retailappreciation #pickwisely #pickshuler
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Government Appreciation Month

November is the month for GOVERNMENT Appreciation Month! Let’s honor those members in our government by showing them just how appreciative we are of all their hard work! #pickwisely #pickshuler #kennethshuler #appreciationmonth
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Real Estate Month

Real estate industry workers- here’s your month of FAME! Do you know anyone who works in the real estate industry? Invite them to #kennethshuler for our appreciation month where they’ll receive 20% off services and products! #pickwisely #pickshuler #appreciationmonth #realestate
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August Appreciation Month

They’re always there for us when we feel down, sick, or just need some assistance. This month, we’d like to honor the brave men and women of the medical field and dedicate our #augustappreciationmonth to the dedicated #medicalpersonnel ! #kennethshuler
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