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Mask Hacks 101

July 15, 2020 0 Comments Lifestyle, Tips for You! Views By

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MASK HACKS 101: Let’s talk about the inevitable and our “new normal” that we see a LOT of these days- MASKS. As things are opening back up slowly, we know that a lot of you are feeling anxious about what a day is going to be like having to wear a mask all day while working/attending school.

We get it. Masks are not the most comfortable thing that we’ve had to wear. In fact, they’re not always the cutest thing either, right?

No worries- we understand, BUT they’re part of our daily life now and to make it better, we have some hacks to help you ease back into things.




Is your skin irritated from wearing your mask? Are you worried about wearing a mask of acne when your mask isn’t on? Check out this hack by @clairewestesthetics on applying a balm before putting on your mask!

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I think at this point, pretty much everyone has experienced some form of mask irritation, inflammation, or "maskne" (breakouts caused by wearing a mask for long periods of time). ?? • After last week, my lower face wad really feeling the effects of wearing a mask for 8+ hours a day. To help protect and heal my skin without clogging my pores, I've started applying @liraclinical Bio Recovery Balm to my lower face before I put my mask on, then reapply when needed or when changing masks. It has helped so much with that itchy, burning feeling from the friction of the mask and heat of my breath. Because this balm was created for post treatment skin, it is a perfect universal healing gel and hydrator. With Colloidal Gold and Silver, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E, this balm helps repair skin and is calming, making it great for burns, wounds, cuts, scrapes, and mask irritation. I also use it on my hands and cuticles before bed to help heal my hands from all the sanitizer and handwashing ? • I have a couple of these in stock for $38+tax and can order more as needed ? • #maskne #maskirritation #liraclinical #recoverybalm #posttreatment #bebrightbebeautiful #skinhealer #correctiveskincare #clairewestesthetics #grassvalleyskincare #grassvalleyesthetician #grassvalleyfacials #grassvalleysmallbusiness #professionalskincare #professionalproducts #skintips #skintricks #masktips

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Since masks are going to be a thing for a while, why not freshen up your mask with a drop of respiratory oil on your mask such as- Raven, Frankincense, or even Peppermint (psst… it helps you enjoy the freshness of the smell and it helps boost your respiratory system). While you’re at it, grab a menthol cough drop lozenge to help with breathing and to freshen up your breath!


Do your ears hurt from wearing your mask? Try this cute mask hack that’ll help save your ears, hold back the mask, and look cute all at the same time!


Are your glasses constantly fogging up when wearing your mask? Check out this hack by @hairbyshawna_russell for a way to stop this foggy problem!

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?IF YOU WEAR GLASSES? This is my tip for all the AMAZING MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS or anyone wearing masks and have to wear eyeglasses… my quick vid to see what you can do for a temporary fix. Drop a comment for other tips to make mask wearing more comfortable for our medical superheroes! @filomenasalon we also donated boxes and boxes of disposable gloves to local hospitals that we bought from @kingdombeautysupplies. You can help by going to this link & see how you can get involved from a distance ??? #masks #masktips #vancouver #vancouverhospital #vancouvergeneralhospital #medicalcommunity #helpingothers #doctors #nurses #filomenasalon #coquitlamsalon #donatetoday #btcmorningquickie #behindthechair #schwarzkopfusa #schwarzkopfcan

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– Speak slowly, loud and clear.
– Introduce yourself to others in a warm-toned voice
– Maintain social distancing BUT use body language to convey what your facial expressions no longer can
– Maintain eye contact to be sure the person you’re speaking to knows your talking to them


Wearing your mask in a proper manner is what makes it effective versus it being ineffective. Wearing a mask is great for protecting yourself and others but keep in mind that you have to properly wear it and remove it in order to be in #propermasking.

Check out @dr_khavari and her tips on how to wear your mask and properly remove!

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It's so great to see the public using masks not only to protect themselves but also to protect others. The idea is to reduce the droplet transfer. It also helps keep you from touching your face. I've seen so many people wearing masks the wrong way or simply lifting it off their face to drink or eat???? Just remove the mask to eat, and then put it back on safely. So here is my PSA for the day…? Keep in mind that the front of the mask IS contaminated, and it should be removed slowly and carefully by removing the ear loop. #propermasking #wearamask #donttouchyourface #medicine #corona #covid19 #quarantine #newnormal #groceryshopping #runningerrands #podiatrylife #podiatry #podiatrist #planopodiatrist #footdoctor #carrolltonpodiatry #carrolltonfootpain #womeninsurgery #womeninmedicine #momdoctor #mom #scrubs #wearfigs

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No matter what:

we’re still crossing our fingers that things will return back to normal in no time. Until then, we hope you all stay happy, healthy, and safe during this time and use the above mask hacks to help ease through this time!

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