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Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology beauty school near me

• Been interested in a cosmetology school or esthetics program for some time?

• Do you have a passion for style?

• Are you looking for a more exciting work environment?

• Do you want a fulfilling career?

• Are you a people person?

  If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, let us help you!

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    Our cosmetology program focuses on modern color techniques, Redken and American Crew cutting systems, state board preparation, and ProsperU's career success training.

    Program facts:

    • 1500 hours
    • Four Levels: Skill, Design, Style and Master
    • Students receive customized tool kits that include tablets for online learning and an exclusive American Crew kit 

    Skill Level

    In this beginner level of the cosmetology program, you will get a taste of all aspects of the beauty industry including hair, skin and nails. In addition to hands-on practice, you will also spend time in the classroom learning theory. Instructors will also give you an intro to life skills and ProsperU business development.

    Design Level

    Design level is where we concentrate on teaching you all aspects of cutting and coloring. During this portion of our cosmetology program, your time will be divided between the classroom and our student salon, putting into action what you will have learned up to this point.  Your ProsperU training continues with a focus on "The Key Drivers to Success."

    Style Level

    Along with continuing your theory and classroom training, you will spend the majority of your time during Style Level honing your technical skills in our student salon.  You will also continue your career success training using our ProsperU model.

    Master Level

    You will continue mastering your cosmetology skills in addition to focusing on career readiness. We will assist you with every aspect of job planning including resume writing, portfolio building and salon training. We will also prep you for your state board examination.


    Our esthetics program is currently only offered at our Spartanburg, Florence, Goose Creek and Garners Ferry Road (Columbia) campuses. We use a variety of professional products including Dermalogica, OFRA and MUD makeup. Our clinics are outfitted with equipment that can be found in spas and skincare facilities across the country.

    Program facts:

    • 600 hours
    • Students receive a customized kit that includes essential tools such as make-up, eyelash products, a wax kit and state board testing essentials.
    First and foremost, to get licensed as an esthetician you must have the education and training required to pass your state’s written and practical licensing exams for this field. This means learning everything your state requires you to know about analyzing, treating and beautifying skin. You should also learn to recognize skin problems that may need to be referred to a dermatologist or other medical professional. To get all this training, the first thing you need to do is find and compare schools near you to get started. Other than the education, a good esthetician should themselves be well-groomed, put-together and comfortable working with clients. You should be extremely attentive to cleanliness, sanitation and safety. You should be good at keeping a clean and tidy station, as well as sterile tools. You should be comfortable consulting with a client about their current skin care regimen, poised and respectful about potentially personal or uncomfortable questions about sensitive skin-related issues, and willing to offer your recommendations and good judgment for how a client should manage their unique skin care needs. Skills every esthetician should be strong in are customer service, adherence to processes and legal requirements, knowing how to promote specific product lines and market oneself to get new business, and active listening to truly understand client needs. You should be able to see tiny details at close range (you’re going to be right up next to clients’ faces), be very steady with your hands and have good hand-eye coordination, and be comfortable using your hands at long stretches for services like facial massages.
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