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Brushes for Your Hair Type

August 4, 2020 0 Comments Lifestyle, Product Knowledge Views By

We brush our hair daily (most of us do it more than once a day) but sometimes it seems like the brush just isn’t our friend and we can’t seem to find the right brushes for our hair type.

It’s important to remember that not all brushes are created equal and that there is a diverse line up of hair brushes out there that could work better for your hair type and for your specific needs. So, to find the right brush for your hair type requires knowing what type of hair you truly have. See below for more information on the brushes for your hair type and styling brushes.






Styling and brushing fine hair requires a special type of brush that is made up of both boar and synthetic bristles. Using this mixture will help to remove your tangles effortlessly while distributing your scalp’s natural oils. Say hello to shiny, smooth, and healthy hair without even having to add additional products to your hair.


Are you struggling to tame your mane? Does it feel like EVERY TIME you brush through your thick hair that you’re either not able to get the brush fully through or it’s just causing your hair to poof?

The paddle brush is a MUST then! For those with thicker, coarser hair, this brush is going to become your BFF. It has sparser bristles that help to penetrate the denser strands of your hair and helps to remove those terrible tangles and add shine.


You heard me right- curly hair! Yes, you can brush those locks of curls with the right tool! If you’re trying to detangle, blow-dry, or add shine to your damp curls, try reaching for a brush that has widely spaced ionic nylon bristles.

This brush will glide through your coarse hair all the while making it smooth and more manageable to work with.


First and foremost, let me point out that your hair is the most fragile when wet and while it may easily break, with the right tool, it can still be brushed through seamlessly.

For those of you with curly hair (or hair that tangles easily when wet), reach for the wide-tooth comb. The gaps between the teeth of the comb allows your hair to pass through while removing any of the aggravating tangles you may be fighting.





Flat hair? Looking for an option that’ll give your roots and a good lift? A large oval brush is your best bet! Start off with damp hair and use the brush to pull up on your roots while blow drying. By using the upward motion and allowing the boar and nylon bristles to glide through your hair, you’re allowing your hair to reach new heights.


Looking to get even more volume to your hair that you couldn’t get from an oval brush or just didn’t have time grab the blow-dryer? Using a teasing comb will definitely help to give your hair the extra height and oomph you’re looking for.

This tools has been a staple in my hair arsenal for years as it comes in various styles and shapes to ensure I get the best height and style I was striving for. With teasing combs that have thinner handles (also known as tails), you can section your hair as you work to be sure you get each section teased appropriately.


Looking to create curls and don’t want to pull out the iron? Check out the small thermal styling brush then!

Use this brush when you blow-dry your hare and without any additional hot tools, you’ll be able to achieve flawless curls.


Let’s add shine, smooth the hair, style and use it all while blow-drying… sound like something you’re looking for? Then the boar bristle finishing brush is going to become your new BFF and is going to be the brush you reach for time and time again.

To get a soft and polished look while keeping your hair in the best shape, then look no further!


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