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Signs You Should Be a Cosmetologist

March 23, 2020 0 Comments FAQ: Thinking about school, Inspiration Views By

     As a little kid, do you remember cutting your own hair?
Maybe even your siblings hair? How about coloring your dog or painting its nails?

Those memories could possibly be an indicator that even as a child, you were destined to be a cosmetologist.

Sound about right or does it sound too far fetched? Maybe you’re just toying around with the idea of possibly attending beauty school and you’re trying to decide if becoming a cosmetologist is the right decision for your future.

Here’s a few signs to look for that simply tell you that all the stars align and your fate has been telling you to be a cosmetologist:

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 #1 Barbie’s were your best client as you
styled them to look their best!


Think about it, you’re not just starting to contemplate a career in the field of cosmetology- in fact, you’ve been styling since a young age!

From cutting, styling, doing manicures, and even playing with your bright colored makeup kit, you’ve been in touch with your inner beauty expert for years.

Ready to take the leap and upgrade from your craft scissors and Barbie doll to your own KS shears and client? Here’s your chance!

Get in touch with Kenneth Shuler right now to start your life-long dream of being a cosmetologist!


 #2 Color is your passion!


Maybe cutting your barbie’s hair wasn’t your favorite thing to do, but you tried to Kool-Aid trick to color her hair or maybe you even colored your own hair with Kool-Aid?

Kool-Aid wasn’t your dye of choice? No worries- sounds like you went straight for the box stuff at the store where you tried every color you can think of and destroyed too many towels to count and stained your bathroom from tub to sink. More like you?

No matter what your pick was to color your hair, we’re sure that it always looked great on you and everyone loved how lively you were when you brightened the room with your hair!

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#3 You know all things Beauty!


Here at Kenneth Shuler, Beauty is our Business- and we’re pretty sure it’s yours too!

When it comes to all things beauty, you know it! You’ve seen all of the tutorials YouTube has to offer and you love practicing what you’ve learned on all of your friends!

As the knowledgeable beauty-wiz, you’re obviously the go-to guy or girl that everyone goes to with all things beauty.

If it’s a date, interview, dance, or just because- you’re the first one they come to for help! It’s likely that since you know all of the YouTube tutorials like the back of your hand, then you also know every new beauty/hair trend and these friends are the perfect practice for both you and your “client.”

Not to mention, doesn’t it feel great when they leave your chair feeling beautiful? Deep inside, you likely have an overwhelming sense of accomplishment knowing you’ve made someone feel great about themself and happy.


So let’s get down to it, did any of these ring a bell with you?


Did they spark more things from your childhood that makes you realize that your passion has always been for beauty? Let’s face it- it’s obvious, you have all the signs and the passion for beauty so it seems that the best choice for you is to find your future school!

Looking for more inspiration? Check out this article by Modern Salon called “Should You Become a Stylist?” 


Interested in enrolling in Beauty School?
We’re definitely ready to help you #pickwisely #pickshuler!


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